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Our competitors just can't compete with Future Business Cloud Backup!

With unlimted Versioning this means you will have every version of a file that you have created and saved, even with all the edits inbetween, so you know that your data is safe from accidental delete, or over editing.

Here we have simplified the offering to home based users, SME business and Server class and Enterprise users. Once you buy a cloud based back up product from us you can be guaranteed that it will be the most secure, fastest and most flexible offering in the market. All of our services offer the same Military Grade Security, all our on multiple servers around the world, all of them offer backing up of PC's Servers, Smart phones, Macs and even your facebook account.

With Future Business Cloud Back up you get
We wanted to simplify the process, and unlike our competitors you are sold a data back up plan that works, is fast, reliable, flexible. They limit the number of PC's that you can ad, then charge you on a per pc based model and REMOVE your back up data after its 30 days old. We do not, its there forever so if you accidentally removed a important piece of data from a document, simply go back to the time frame and restore that part and you are saved!

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